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Letters to the Editor

Thu., Nov. 3, 2011

Keep SpokAnimal as shelter

Recently, I received a card in the mail asking me to support Measure No. 1 to build a regional animal shelter. The card’s message claimed the cost would be only 83 cents per month. This would not be true for me or for any other low-income people, disabled and seniors who own pets. SCRAPS only offers a discount of $5 for one pet. SpokAnimal offers half-price licenses for all pets up to the number allowed by ordinance. A senior owning three cats would pay full price for two cats and only get $5 off for one cat instead of paying $7.50 each for all three cats, so would pay $40 instead of $22.50 for licenses. This on top of having to travel farther, to Havana Street, instead of only to Napa, where SpokAnimal is, raises costs for the poor who own pets.

SpokAnimal’s offer to the city would not involve new taxes and would be cheaper for low-income pet owners. Vote no on Measure 1 and keep SpokAnimal as the city shelter.

Marian E. Hennings


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