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Quotes regarding the Thompson verdict

U.S. Attorney Mike Ormsby: “This is not an indictment of our entire Police Department and it should not be an excuse for any of us to ignore the good work that our police officers do every day and every night in our community to protect us.”

Chris Bugbee, attorney for Spokane police Officers Tim Moses and Erin Raleigh: “It’s shocking to see a police officer who we trust to protect us being convicted of this crime, regardless of how you see the case.”

Breean Beggs, attorney for Otto Zehm’s family: “We continue to call to the city and the (police) department to repudiate any type of policy that would result in this type of death, and when they do so the community can heal.”

Dennis Hession, Spokane mayor, 2005-2007: “Our system of justice gave Karl Thompson his day of court. Otto Zehm received justice, too. It’s just kind of tragic he had to receive it posthumously.”

Mayor Mary Verner: “It’s very important for our citizens to be able to trust that our department is committed first and foremost and always to the safety of our citizens.”

Police Chief Anne Kirkpatrick: “My No. 1 duty is at this point really to lead – to lead us to a future now. We’re going to heal. … We’re going to move forward and we’ll let the healing process take its natural course.”