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The Slice: Wanted: Kids’ art; we need it pronto!

OK, where were we.

Oh, yeah. The refrigerator art project.

The idea was to solicit paintings or drawings by local children and then pass the stuff along to those who lack a steady supply of kids’ art with which to adorn the fridge.

Well, a fair number of readers expressed interest in receiving such material. And a few folks were kind enough to send some to me.

But as it stands, I don’t have enough to fill every request. So if you can do something about that, please consider yourself nudged.

Finished sentence: “I’ve lived here quite a while but have yet to…”

“… wear a ballcap while eating in a restaurant.” – Bob Curry

“… be on an STA bus.” – Chuck Boos

“… do one Bloomsday.” – Jeri Hershberger

Slice answer: Steve Ball said he has flown in 75 different kinds of aircraft, 29 as pilot. He made a list. “They range from an open-cockpit radial engine aerobatic plane, a Korean War vintage single-engine jet, through two-, three- and four-engine jets, with a sampling of everything in between.”

Dog breeds: Kristi Philip sometimes describes her canine companion as “purebred Spokanimal,” and sometimes as a “chowderlab” – part chow, border collie and Lab.

Streaking in the ’70s: Back when Carol Nelson was in high school in Sioux Falls, S.D., some senior boys sprinted through the junior class picnic wearing nothing but the numerals “74” on their backsides. Most of the streakers used black electrical tape to form the numbers. One black participant used white athletic tape.

Slice answers: A friend wrote that eagerly learning to crochet at age 5 was one early warning sign that she might be destined to become a homebody.

In the matter of churches that will still be around in 50 years, several readers mentioned St. Al’s, First Presbyterian and the Episcopal cathedral. And Howard Glass made a case for the longevity of Temple Beth Shalom.

Today’s Slice question: What are you going to do with the extra hour this weekend?

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