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Wed., Nov. 9, 2011

From our archives, 100 years ago

A Hillyard Methodist pastor sparked some comment when he announced that he was taking the plush cloth out of the bottom of his collection plate so he could tell whether a penny, a nickel or a dollar coin was dropped in.

He said he especially “liked the ring of a dollar.”

His fellow ministers seemed to like the idea. The pastor of the Lidgerwood Methodist Church said he was in favor of anything that would “assist in determining whether a beer check or pool check or poker check is dropped into the plate.”

The Hillyard pastor said that once, after he had delivered a temperance lecture, someone dropped a bottle of whiskey into the collection plate.

From the football beat: The Spokesman-Review’s football writer, who went by the pen name of “Offside,” said he thought he knew why the Spokane High School team was doing so well.

It was because of the rules enforced by coach Sam Moyer: “No cigarettes or tobacco. No coffee or stimulants. No candy or sweetmeats. No eating between meals. Bed at 10 o’clock.”

Also on this date

(From the Associated Press)

1967: A Saturn V rocket carrying an unmanned Apollo spacecraft blasted off from Cape Kennedy on a successful test flight.

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