November 12, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Blame the Democrats


For the private sector, the federal government’s main task is to provide an environment that promotes hiring. With this in mind, how is it possible not to start at the top when discussing reasons for our anemic economy?

In President Barack Obama’s first two years, the Democrats had an overwhelming majority in Congress. Everything Obama wanted passed was passed! The record is clear. Obama took a bad economy and made it much, much worse.

The Republicans have taken the best ideas from both parties and put them into their own job bills. There are currently up to 20 job bills (written by Republicans) that have passed in the House of Representatives. Sen. Harry Reid refuses to put them up for a vote in the Senate.

So, the left is correct. There is a party that is full of false rhetoric and empty promises. It is the party that has been in power for over three years and has given us our worst economy in almost 100 years.

Rudy Pena

Spokane Valley

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