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Boss’s nephew always freeloads

Dear Annie: I work in a small office with 10 people. We all work on commission. The problem is the boss’s nephew. “Randy” does as little as possible to get by and is a total leech. I know he doesn’t make much on commission, because he rarely gets any work done. He’s too busy on the Internet.

Here’s the problem: We all bring snacks to leave in the kitchen. Randy eats everything. But if you ask him to contribute a dollar, he claims not to have any money. He looks like he’s starving, yet he manages to buy cigarettes and alcohol and will bum off of anyone for his lunch.

I’m tired of buying snack food only to have it disappear. I have told Randy that if he doesn’t contribute to the pantry, he shouldn’t eat. How can I firmly get this across to him? – Gloria

Dear Gloria: You can’t get this across to Randy because he will ignore you. His approach to life is to get something for nothing. Those of you who contribute to the snacks should keep them under lock and key, or have them at your desks so you can control who gets them.

Dear Annie: I’m writing in regard to the letter from “Losing My Family,” the 16-year-old who is having a hard time with his mother. He is dealing with some teen issues, but it is not normal for Mom to yell at him for grades in the high 90s.

Unfortunately, too many children have to deal with divorced parents who say bad things about the other parent. That mother sounds as if she is taking all of her anger out on her son. They both could benefit from counseling. But if Mom isn’t interested, “Losing” should see someone, even if it’s only the school counselor, as you recommended.

I hope things get better for him. I do understand. I have two daughters and have been divorced and remarried. – A Mom in Texas

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