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Burned by mayor

Mayor Mary Verner: I would like to personally thank you for forcing the entire county to continue to use your antiquated, money-sucking, carbon- and mercury-belching waste-to-energy facility.

I would also like to thank you for increasing the cost of waste disposal by $30 per ton throughout the entire county. I mean, why pay $75 per ton and haul our waste away when can burn it here for $108 per ton, right? Undoubtedly, we can afford to waste an extra $10 million per year.

And, Mary, thank you for only taking advice from inept and self-serving city staff. We certainly wouldn’t want the director to lose his job because his waste-to-energy plant was shut down.

And finally Mary, thank you for continuing to extend the city of Spokane’s tentacles outside of city borders, forcing your corrupt administration upon those of us that have fled your boundaries.

As Bob Hope may have sung, “Thanks for the tyranny.”

Craig Sullivan



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