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Sat., Nov. 12, 2011

From our archives, 100 years ago

A Spokane divorce court cleared up the tangled matrimonial status of Mrs. Lena Davis-Hurchman-Pahl- Meyers. The chronology went something like this:

• Lena Davis married Charles Hurchman, who subsequently deserted her.

• A few years later, she received news of Charles Hurchman’s death in a railroad accident.

• She then married William Pahl in Stevens County.

• She was traveling in Whitman County, when, to her great surprise, she ran into Charles Hurchman (apparently, a different one had died).

• She filed for divorce from Hurchman, which was granted.

• She also left Pahl but never actually divorced him.

• She then married Herman Meyers in Spokane.

• Meyers found out she had another husband (Pahl) and – not willing to be Husband No. 2 – sued her for divorce.

• The judge ruled she had never been legally married to Pahl because that would have been bigamy. She did not, in fact, have two husbands.

This satisfied Meyers’ main grievance against her, so he dropped the divorce case. The happy couple, legally and exclusively married to each other, went back to his ranch near Pantops.


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