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Cougs tough to take

I’ve had it! Actually I “had it” at the end of Season 3, but now with Season 4 nearing it’s painful conclusion, coach Paul Wulff’s continual avoidance of reality with where this Cougars football team stands has me groping for the rope.

His ad nauseum praising of Cougs opponents playing “great” or “outstanding” simply diverts attention from where it should be … on his own team. Admit it, Paul … your Cougs are underachieving again and losing games they should be winning, so please just call a spade a spade.

I play tennis, and sometimes play people not very good and I easily win, prompting a defeated opponent to maybe respond with a, “Wow, you’re really good, you played great,” when, c’mon … it really wasn’t me being good, it was my opponent being bad.

This year’s Cougs are bad, again, and don’t spout those three gimme wins out of the gate over bad Idaho State, UNLV and Colorado teams as meaning anything.

Oregon State and Cal are teams we should be beating now in Season 4.

(Athletic director Bill) Moos’ fingernails must just about be gone as yet another year’s failed football sunset fades to darkness and alumni rumbling increases.

Wazzu has “Undefeated Fans,” the best there are, but what about maybe having an undefeated, or hey, just a winning football team again sometime?

Jeff Clausen



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