Letters to the Editor

SUNDAY, NOV. 13, 2011

Health system a disaster

Am I the only person outraged by the barrage of drug ads on television, most notably the nightly network news, and other media? I have contacted every network, every magazine I subscribe to, and complained.

My only option is not to listen or subscribe. Seems I am the only voice out there, because it does not stop. All this expensive advertising increases costs of the drugs for those who really need them, and TV listeners/readers have no business deciding what drugs to take based on a television commercial or a five-page drug ad in Better Homes and Gardens.

The health care system is a disaster waiting to happen. We are spending more on health care than ever, and small and large businesses can no longer afford to provide medical benefits.

Who is profiting? And why? Not to cure anything. Somebody needs to step up with a solution. One of which may be: Do away with insurance altogether, and be responsible for your own health care.

Maintain hospitalization, high-deductible insurance care for yourself. What a novel concept: responsibility!

Thanks for letting me sound off!

Barbara Bentley

St. Maries

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