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Where are the real men?

Thank you, Yakima, for seeing through the smoke and mirrors of those we are supposed to trust.

Whatever happened to real men who would step up to the plate and take responsibility? I’m reminded of this every time I come home on Highway 395 and see the new Helm Barrier between the lanes.

Karl Thompson saw Otto Zehm as a lesser person and took out his anger issues on him, figuring no one would care. Or blaming the victim would be acceptable. He’s an embarrassment to good cops everywhere, and ruined his own career.

Didn’t his “human being training” kick in and say, “Hey, this guy’s not acting guilty”? Probably more scared than anything. Beat the heck out of him and then say he started it? Whatever happened to real men? There seem to be so few anymore.

Rest in peace, Otto. Snickers bars all around.

K.L. Wright



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