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Sun., Nov. 13, 2011

Wolves are worthless

I read a Nov. 8 AP article on wolves and people who support the wolves. It seems that the wolf advocates say wolves are valuable to science and beloved wolf watchers. Are these two outstanding reasons to keep the wolves around? It evidently gives scientists something to do, and allows people with too much time on their hands to watch them. These are the type of people who are responsible for bringing back a vicious and worthless predator.

There is a huge advocate for the wolves named Dave Hornoff (graduate of Bryant University) who said, “You see them with their pups, you watch them raise their pups and you watch the pups grow up, you become very attached. Dying in this manner (hunting) is very hard to accept. It’s disheartening.”

How much does Mr. Hornoff really know about life in general, not only wildlife but humanity and the worth involved? What actual experience has he in this field, or does he just know how to cause problems and expense? Is he just a city boy wanting to be another “King of the Wild Frontier”?

When the wolves were extinct, we had no problem; now they cost us millions of dollars.

Lloyd Zimmerman


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