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TUESDAY, NOV. 15, 2011

From our archives, 100 years ago

Spokane was gearing up for its “biggest college open-air demonstration” ever.

It was a combination of parade and pep rally in advance of the Washington State College-Whitman College football game to be played later in the week at Natatorium Park.

The Spokesman-Review began its story with an attempt to reproduce a raucous college cheer, circa 1911: “Hip! Heck! Tra! Boom! Rah-zooo!”

“The college men have made up their minds to show the poor, benighted old hum-drum business men of this town what real college enthus-ooz-ium is,” said the story.

The parade would be led by a band of former college musicians instructed to “rip the insides out of its instruments.”

They would be joined by more than 300 students from Pullman and 100 from Walla Walla, all arriving on a special train. Hundreds of local alumni of other colleges – including factions from the University of Chicago, University of Washington and University of Pennsylvania – were scheduled to join the throng.

The total was expected to top 1,000 “old grads” and students.

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(From the Associated Press)

1969: A quarter of a million protesters staged a peaceful demonstration in Washington, D.C., against the Vietnam War.


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