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Wells’ warning welcome

I was pleased to see Ron Wells’ special to your newspaper because he makes (albeit in more detail) a point I’ve been trying to make for many years.

That is, that raising revenue restores prosperity better than cutting service does. Of course, since I’m a nobody, I could not be taken seriously enough. But since Mr. Wells is a somebody, hopefully, he will be?

If not, not only will I vote Otto Zehm for mayor, again, I’ll, also write him in for governor.

Philip J. Mulligan



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State lawmakers want to create a legislative loophole in Washington’s Public Records Act. While it’s nice to see Democrats and Republicans working together for once, it’s just too bad that their agreement is that the public is the enemy. As The Spokesman-Review’s Olympia reporter Jim Camden explained Feb. 22, lawmakers could vote on a bill today responding to a court order that the people of Washington are entitled to review legislative records.