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Where are the jobs, Cathy?

What were we thinking in 2010 when the Republicans were swept into power in the House? John Boehner, Eric Cantor and our own Cathy McMorris Rodgers all said that jobs were the No. 1 priority. What did we get? We got seven bills outlawing federal funding for abortion (which is already outlawed), a bill to keep “In God we Trust” the national motto, a fake crisis over the debt ceiling, laws in several states that will effectively restrict voting for the poor, seniors, students and blacks, a push to cut jobs for the public sector (who will you call in an emergency when the police and firemen are all laid off?), and protection for the richest 1 percent and banks while punishing the poor and middle class. One thing we didn’t see is any jobs bills. So, again, Cathy, where are the jobs? When are you going to think for yourself, care about your constituents and not suck up to the big campaign contributors?

Ed Simpson

Spokane Valley


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