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SUNDAY, NOV. 20, 2011

Don’t vacate Ben Burr

I guess when it comes to closing Ben Burr Road, Dave Black and our county commissioners think “three times a charm.”

2007 – Black tries to close Ben Burr but fails because the county engineer testifies the road is “still in use,” giving the neighborhood grounds to sue.

2009 – State legislation to eliminate language requiring the engineer’s report goes forward. Without a report and official criteria, all discretion would be in the hands of the commissioners with no recourse for neighborhoods. Attempt fails when Commissioner Bonnie Mager gets wind and tips off Rep. Timm Ormsby. Ormsby calls foul and kills the bill.

2011 – With Mager gone, Al French on the team, no new traffic count, and the engineering department “conveniently” changing its testimony, Black is back demanding that a public road be vacated for the benefit of his bottom line.

Shameless! This is coming back for the third time despite the fact that the road is used, not just for cars, but for cycling, walking and as a safety valve for kids. This is a classic example of the power the 1 percent exert over the 99 percent.

Perhaps it is time to “Occupy Ben Burr.”

Mary Weathers


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