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Police disrespect court

I was raised to respect authority. I was also raised to respect the judicial system, flawed as it sometimes seems. Hearing of the standing ovation given to Officer Karl Thompson by his fellow police officers made me cringe. The officers hired by the Spokane Police Department take an oath to uphold the mission of protect and serve. As well, they are to treat the judicial process with the utmost respect, as they are the most visible representation. These officers showed nothing but disrespect to the judge and jury in this trial. If they didn’t like the outcome of the trial, that’s their prerogative. They may say or do anything they please to show support for Thompson behind closed doors, but their public display of disapproval of the verdict was intolerable.

I, like many in this community, am tired of apologizing for the behavior of the Spokane Police Department and renegade behavior.

A policeman once told me that the difference between a law enforcement officer and a criminal was a badge and a uniform and nothing else. Sad sentiment, isn’t it. So I do not seem biased, you should know my sister is a city of Spokane police officer.

Robin Waller



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