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The Slice: Excess padding didn’t find his wallet

A local guy who asked that I not use his name told about winning a weight-loss competition in his office by dropping 42 pounds.

But he did not collect the cash winnings due him, he said. According to him, his co-workers decided after the fact that the contest was not fair because he had the most weight to lose in the first place.

Just wondering: Are there people who have never personally witnessed full-blown family drama at Thanksgiving and wonder if maybe it would be interesting to experience that at least once?

Slice answer: Several readers told about friends or relatives who have moved to North Dakota because of the oil boom there. Wrote one, “If you are driving on Idaho highways this winter, take into consideration that the experienced and skilled road maintenance people are probably in North Dakota.”

Eric Rieckers, who works for a Spokane construction specialties business, had this to say: “From what I hear in the field, if you’re unemployed anywhere near North Dakota it’s because A) you can’t work, or B) you don’t want to.”

It is better to give, etc.: An item in Friday’s column about children learning manners reminded Jeff Neuberger of something.

His 6-year-old grandson helped greet trick-or-treaters on Halloween this year.

“The first batch of goblins arrived, hit the doorbell and waited with their bags outstretched. My grandson opened the door, halted briefly, looked into each bag and drew out a piece of candy from each bag for himself.”

Slice answer (noteworthy trivia re: Benjamin Harrison, who was president when Washington and Idaho became states): Slice reader Bill Mahaney pointed out that Harrison was the only president who was a grandson of a president (William Henry Harrison). He was the only president from Indiana (though born in Ohio). And his great-grandfather signed the Declaration of Independence.

Today’s Slice question: What is the oldest sticky-note message posted where you see it every day?

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