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Happy Thanksgetting Day

Turkey Day has arrived in River City. Elections are over. Shoppers may think Christmas is next, but it is not. The day is Thanksgiving, “family reconnect day.” Life is smooth, but not if you are poor, unemployed and unwashed. Folks nationally, statewide and locally care about their stuff. We chase better Internet connections, cars or iPads while ignoring the kids sleeping in cars.

You say “not true, not on my watch.” Well you just watch your legislators in action as they cut and trim support networks for the poor and dependent. We don’t feel public programs are worthwhile. Citizens stepping up to the plate for the poor is too taxing. I’ve got mine; you’ll get yours, so others could get theirs if they were not lazy.

I think we need a Thanksgetting Day so we have an excuse to invite a rich guy over for dinner to grandma’s foreclosed house to talk tax loopholes and bailouts over pie and tea. Yet, what we’ve got here in the good ol’ USA is “too good to fail,” so maybe worth bailing out. I hope the poor can bank on your support. Oh, Merry Christmas!

John Heffernan



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