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City Council must move forward

The citizens of Spokane Valley have just gone through another election cycle. In this last election there was still some talk by candidates who were running on putting Sprague Avenue and the Appleway couplet back to two-way streets. Mr. Grafos had made a motion that this item be put on the ballot as a yes or no vote. The council agreed and it was added. It went down to defeat with 83 percent opposed.

I think those who would like to bring the SARP plan back to the forefront will have to finally say that it is a dead issue. Those who were running to unseat the Positive Change council members also lost their bid to hold office. It can’t be said any louder than this election. SARP was bad and now it is time to move on. “The people have spoken.”  We also have a new council person, Ben Wick. He is young and is ready to help guide our city to the future. I would hope that he and the other council members, along with those who were for the SARP plan, can now get together and move forward to make Spokane Valley the best place to live and prosper in the Inland Northwest. The bickering must stop. 

Dan Allison

Spokane Valley


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