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GOP not doing well either

Dana Milbank’s Nov. 3 column was rather hilarious. The GOP might be in a “good position” to retake the White House come November 2012. But the election results for GOP-sponsored religious agendas and special-interest initiatives were generally hammered, with the exception of Washington state (Initiative 1183) and Idaho (Reagan Republicans of Kootenai County). And further, given the nature of Obama’s putative opponents, the vast majority of the GOP field has a higher likelihood of creating some pretty major scandals, should they become president, than is so far true of President Barack Obama.

And much of the reason why congressional approval ratings are in the single digits compared to President Obama’s? I’m sure the congressional GOP has much to do with that as well. Putting religion and special-interest legislation ahead of jobs and the economic reality of ordinary Americans isn’t going to guarantee anything for a GOP takeover next year.

Joan E. Harman

Dalton Gardens


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