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Sat., Nov. 26, 2011, midnight

Picking apples worth it

We are all reading about the lack of fruit pickers in the apple regions of the state. Controversy abounds about the lack of illegal immigrants.

It seems to me that as a young person, I remember schools in the Wenatchee region letting out for a week or so, so the students could pick fruit. Whatever happened to that idea?

It seems also that we have many folks receiving free, gleaned fruit from Second Harvest. Are there no buses for those receiving the benefits to pitch in at Green Bluff to help their own cause?

It seems to me that buses could be provided, as well as immigrant lodging by the orchardists, perhaps at the Salvation Army or somewhere, for all people actually interested in picking apples for pay. Two to three weeks of pay actually may help both those not working, and those that need the help in harvesting the fruit. Win, win – both sides.

Many years ago, I hopped buses when the U.S. Forest Service needed firefighters. The pay was about $1.76 an hour, but not working and a summer fill-in job between college semesters added up.

Nathan Narrance


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