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Report on speed limits was biased

Sat., Nov. 26, 2011, midnight

On Nov. 17, Nina Culver wrote a report and article about the Spokane Valley council meeting of Nov. 15. This article was very inaccurate and did not reflect what was said or done at the meeting regarding the change of speed limits on Indiana, Indiana Parkway and Mission Parkway. As usual there were two different opinions on the issue, and Culver elected to report on only one side of the issue.

This gives the impression that she is partisan to issues and reports them to appear in favor of her and some of the council. I believe that a newspaper should send a reporter that is unbiased to this type of meeting and report the full story. The intent of the majority of the council was to change the speed limit from 25 mph from Sullivan to Flora Road to 35 mph from Sullivan to Indiana and Mission parkways; change the speed limit from the west end of said parkways to Flora Road to 30 mph; change the speed on Mission Avenue from Flora Road to Barker Road to 30 mph. There is no speed trap here. The change on Mission east of Flora Road is to be brought up at the Nov. 29 council meeting if all goes as intended. I believe that the reporter for that meeting should be someone who is not showing favoritism to either side of issues that arise.

Richard Harmon



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