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Wolves aren’t worthless

Wow. Lloyd Zimmerman (Nov. 13) said: “When the wolves were extinct, we had no problem; now they cost us millions of dollars.” This statement says a lot about his knowledge about wolf recovery, and science and Earth in general.

First of all, anything that is “extinct” cannot come back. That is one of the goals behind wolf recovery – so they do not become extinct. And the state and federal agencies who are responsible for the projects that monitor and manage wolves can attest that “millions of dollars” have not been spent nor will be spent.

Second, I want to challenge Lloyd’s comments about “wolves are worthless.” Are we really going to start lining up all the living creatures of this planet and assigning them worth?

Then do we go down the line and destroy those that we decide are not “worth” anything to us? So is it about how much money they make us or cost us? And who gets to decide anyway? I have to believe that it has already been decided, and the creator of the Earth decided it.

I bet Lloyd is glad wolves don’t get to decide what his worth is.

Sherry Deeds



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