October 1, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Try voluntary debt plan


I have an idea. I am a senior receiving monthly Social Security payments. I do not need this handout, and I have undoubtedly received more than I ever paid in, even adjusted for inflation.

I would be more than happy to donate this money back to the government monthly on one condition: that this money goes directly to pay off the national debt and not be applied to the bottomless pit of the general fund.

Why couldn’t the government set aside say a trillion dollars of the national debt in a special fund and let citizens that can afford it voluntarily send funds that would be applied to this debt? If it was successful, then set up another special account.

It would be interesting to have feedback from other seniors regarding this idea. I do understand that this idea makes too much common sense for our government to consider.

Darlene Chamberlain


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