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Verner disrespects community

Mayor Verner, while occupying Spokane’s most powerful position, has been disrespecting her community regarding the Otto Zehm tragedy. Along with most of the public, she has probably known the truth about the Zehm killing since taking office, yet despite the massive evidence, continues to deceive us.

She blames candidate Condon for using this tragedy for political purposes, when he is telling the truth about something people need to know. She blames former Mayor Hession for the cover-up, when it was Hession who called for the federal grand jury that uncovered the truth. She claims she does not want to further victimize the Zehm family, yet attempts to hide the truth victimize them far more than exposing the facts.

In her recent press conference, she refused to answer further questions, which is a cowardly way to circumvent questions from the press. Apparently, emboldened by her high numbers in the primary and feeling secure that she had again fooled the public, she left for Japan, at taxpayers’ expense.

How little respect for her oath of office when she blames others and refuses to answer questions that are incriminating. As a former law enforcement officer, I am acutely aware that is what criminals do.

Tony Bamonte



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