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That’s News to you answers

Sun., Oct. 2, 2011

1. D. Before returning east, members of the Corps of Discovery found they were short a canoe and stole one from the Clatsop tribe, which had helped keep them alive through the winter. Descendants of the explorers returned a replica the tribe.

2. A. Saudi women will be “allowed to participate in elections” – which most people are interpreting as voting and running for office – but not until 2015. They still can’t drive or appear in public with faces uncovered, but they already can attend coed universities. There aren’t any bars in the country, which officially bans alcohol.

3. C. The Dreamliner’s “skin” is a composite plastic, making it much lighter than other planes its size.

4. D. The M’s lost 104 games in 1978, their worst season on record.

5. B. Although E. coli and salmonella have turned up in other produce and vibrio is a problem in some Puget Sound oysters, the recalled cantaloupe might have listeria, which can be fatal, particularly for seniors, children and pregnant women.

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Last week’s winner was

Taryn Chuter, of Hamilton, Mont.

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