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Drugs dangerous or not?

On two successive days, the Spokesman-Review published articles that included information about prescription drugs.

On Sept. 18, an article on the shooting of Quentin Dodd by a Spokane sheriff’s deputy related how the Dodd family disputes the deputies’ claims that Quentin was dangerously high on drugs because the autopsy revealed that the only drugs in his system were prescription drugs. The article did not state what those drugs were or at what levels they were in his system when he charged the deputies with a sharp piece of obsidian rock. The spin seems to be that the deputies’ are not credible because the drugs were “legal,” and therefore the shooting must not be justified.

An article published the following day (“Drugs, though legal, can be deadly”) stated that the number of deaths from overdoses of prescription drugs now exceed traffic fatalities.

You can’t have it both ways; on one hand imply that Quentin Dodd, stoned on prescription drugs, could not possibly have been as dangerous as the deputies claim, and then the very next day report that nationwide hundreds of thousands of people are getting stoned enough on prescription drugs to the point that they are actually killing themselves!

Patrick M. Reeves


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