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Thu., Oct. 6, 2011

Media influencing voters

Once again the media are trying to decide for Americans which candidate we should elect. Don’t agree? Besides Rick Perry and Mitt Romney, name all the other GOP candidates for president.

The media’s emphasis on Perry and Romney over the other candidates during the debates, the way the media measures a candidate’s “electability” and deciding who is “presidential,” it’s clear the media are doing all they can to sway our vote. But Americans are smarter than that.

In 2010, Americans made it clear that we want representatives who defend, support and follow the Constitution. Americans need to consider a candidate’s record more than what a candidate says during a debate or stump speech. When was the last time a candidate took action on an issue they claimed to support during a stump speech while their record didn’t support their claim?

Yes, sometimes politicians will say what needs to be said to get a vote. This election cycle, instead of focusing on stump speeches and what the media says, it’s crucial we consider a candidate’s record over rhetoric. History has shown the media, and some politicians, do not have our best interest at heart.

Doug Belcher


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