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Thu., Oct. 6, 2011, midnight

Party-line voting a problem

In response to the letter written by David Randall (“Dump GOP and Obama,” printed Sept. 23):

I agree on dumping Republican members of the House of Representatives and Senate and President Barack Obama. What he fails to recognize is the stupidity of the Democratic leadership. It is typical for these one-sided visionaries, who think that the people representing their party are the godsends to the country.

Both diehard Democrat and Republican fans exploit the faults of the other with eyes closed to their own party’s idiocy. The problem with this is that both parties’ leaders only represent themselves. This country is bankrupt because of its poor leadership, both parties included.

The administration has no business experience to have the knowledge to create jobs. Congress and the Senate historically have had low approval ratings, yet the members normally get re-elected. The problem; everyone votes party lines. Democrats hate Republicans, Republicans hate Democrats.

The masses must get educated in understanding what our corrupt leaders are doing to this country and vote them out of office, or nothing will change. The funny thing about our elections is that everything will be the same afterward; meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Michael Glover

Liberty Lake

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