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Did you pay attention to the news last week? Prove it. For a longer, interactive test (and a chance to win lunch for two at the Davenport Hotel) go to

1. Before Amanda Knox spoke to reporters in Seattle, her family told her to do what?

A. Try not to cry.

B. Speak in English.

C. Thank the people of Perugia.

D. Avoid criticizing the Italian justice system.

E. Can’t fool me. All of the above.

2. States began moving up their presidential primaries and caucuses into next January, or earlier. Which state did not move up its primary or caucus?

A. Florida

B. South Carolina

C. Nevada

D. Washington

E. Can’t fool me. They all did.

3. The Humane Society is objecting to legislation before Congress that would allow states to do what to protect salmon in the Columbia River system?

A. Kill Caspian terns

B. Kill sea lions

C. Kill double-crested cormorants

D. Kill bass and walleye

E. Can’t fool me. It’s all of the above

4. A judge moved the federal trial of Spokane police Officer Karl Thompson for the death of Otto Zehm to

A. Coeur d’Alene

B. Seattle

C. Tacoma

D. Richland

E. Yakima

5. State wildlife experts say the most important thing for increasing pheasants in the Palouse is

A. More bugs

B. More ryegrass

C. Organic herbicides

D. Fewer wolves and coyotes

E. Hunters who are poor shots

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