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WEDNESDAY, OCT. 12, 2011

Try the ‘333’ plan

Herman Cain’s “999” plan sounds good and appears to be gaining a following. Some say 999 came from Cain’s two pizzas for $9.99 while he was chief executive officer at Godfather’s. The problem with the 999 plan is that not many of us would be any better off, and the federal government would remain just as fat as it is now.

It would be better if Cain offered the country a “333” plan. The $3.33 plan would give the country the pizzas at cost. Government should always be given to the people at cost, don’t you think?

A 333 plan would be a 3 percent corporate tax, 3 percent flat income tax, and a 3 percent national sales tax. The 333 plan would force the federal government to cut the $4 trillion they have promised, and this would break up the monetary ice age we are in by putting that $4 trillion in savings directly into the consumer side of the economy.

This $4 trillion flowing into the economy would create a couple million jobs; people would have the tax relief necessary to pay off their mortgages, or buy new homes, and thus jump-start the home construction business.

Larry Vandervert


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