October 13, 2011 in Letters, Opinion

Flight grant appalling


I am utterly appalled at the front-page story in The Spokesman Review, Sept. 28, reporting that the U.S federal government is going to provide a $950,000 grant to “lure” an airline to provide nonstop air flights between Spokane and Los Angeles. Talk about interference in the private economy and excessive government spending, this is the poster child.

We are living on the precipice of a huge cliff economically, as is Greece, Portugal, the United Kingdom, France, Spain and other countries, yet the government wants to spend nearly $1 million on a venture that failed years ago.

Where does Washington acquire grant money for such ridiculous schemes as this one? The money surely comes from the American taxpayer. How many people in Spokane (via your tax return) does it take to fork over $950,000 to the U.S. Treasury to finance this contrivance?

Many Americans blast the tea party for their gawking at the deficit of our nation. Tea party people are American citizens who see the utter disregard for sensibility in our financial practice(s). I see this $950,000 grant as a glaring example of additional waste. All Spokane residents should be obliged to become a voice in opposition to this grant.

Jack A. Abel


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