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Region is on the verge of colorful autumn

As the fall continues to advance, the beauty of the Inland Northwest is enhanced by the tremendous fall foliage. The next several weeks should provide the greatest display of color in the region.

Sugar maples and birch trees often show the most color at this time of year.

Although the Inland Northwest can provide some breathtaking views, the colors in the Northeast are some of the most amazing I’ve ever witnessed. My wife Sally and I lived in Vermont for eight years and we were lucky enough to see the brilliant display of colors of the hillsides every fall as most of the trees there are sugar maples and birch. If one wanted to take a vacation in the fall, I would certainly recommend a trip to Vermont around this time of year. Believe me, it’s worth it.

In the near-term, after a period of showers and windy weather earlier this week, we should see some nice fall weather next week as high pressure builds into the region. As conditions dry out, there should also be areas with scattered frost. By the end of October, showers and cooler temperatures will arrive across the Inland Northwest. As La Niña continues to gain strength, the rest of the fall may turn a bit wetter and cooler than normal.

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