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The Slice: Talk about your undefeated fan

Larry Harris has not missed a Washington State University home football game in 42 years.

This season will make it 43.

Now 79, the retired phone network installer lives with his wife, Vi, between Deer Park and Clayton.

Neither attended WSU. “But he’s always liked the Cougars,” said Vi.

That’s an understatement. That perfect-attendance record includes more than a few seasons when WSU did not win many games.

Several times, illness put the streak in jeopardy. And a nasty chainsaw accident a few years ago threatened to keep him home. But Harris always made it to the game, whether it was played in Pullman or Spokane.

“He’s a fan,” said Vi.

What you learn from familiarity with probate matters: “There is absolutely nothing — planetary, supernatural, earthly or heavenly force — greater than that elicited within, or without, familial relationships than can possibly equal the response to the merest sniff of potential inheritance, however meager that may actually be,” wrote A.J. Lennox.

Survey says: Readers responding to the question about Columbus Day were, for the most part, not big fans of Chris.

Some mentioned him paving the way for genocide. Others dismissed the actual geography of his voyages. And some noted that evidence suggests Columbus was not even first.

“We should have an Eric the Red Day,” wrote Alicia Miller.

Memories of pumpkin growing: “The one year I let a friend plant pumpkins in part of my garden, three seeds sprawled all over the rest of the garden and climbed the neighbor’s fence,” wrote Eric Johnson. “Awesomely aggressive plant.”

Then there was this from Nancy Kiehn. “When we tried growing pumpkins, the deer would take a bite out of each one of them. We resorted to placing lawn furniture over the growing pumpkins, but the deer somehow managed to nibble on each one. Haven’t grown pumpkins since.”

Today’s Slice question: Are you old enough to remember when plaid Pendleton shirts were a Northwest icon?

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