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That’s News to you answers

Here are the answers to this week’s That’s News to You quiz.

1. A. Evans is older, although not by much. He turns 86 today, and Spellman turns 85 in December. Gardner is 75 and Lowry 72. Ray died in 1994.

2. C. Stout is now a government employee. She is heading the Bonner County Property Rights Council, a 19-hour-a-week job that pays $25,000 a year.

3. E. No joke. Police in Caracas, Venezuela, are using mimes dressed as clowns in an effort to embarrass drivers into slowing down and keep pedestrians from crossing in dangerous spots.

4. B. Bolster and Tonk were on “Letterman” on Tuesday.

5. C. Miller, who had been cleared by her doctor to do a half-marathon and completed the whole race at a slow pace, went into labor, went to the hospital and had her second baby.

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Last week’s winner: Scott Wiro, of Spokane