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Sun., Oct. 23, 2011

Empower neighborhoods

In 2003, I moved to Spokane for a teaching position and have since considered it my home. I have engaged in the community in many areas outside of my teaching subject and grown to enjoy all Spokane has to offer.

I am, however, not enamored in how decisions are made for our neighborhoods. People do not possess the authority to decide what happens in their neighborhoods or have the opportunity to engage in these decisions. I have seen many examples – in my relatively short time in Spokane – of neighborhoods in a futile battle with their elected leaders and developers in deciding what constitutes quality of life. Considerations are never given to the people who populate these communities.

Residents can testify at hearings and participate in community meetings, but that’s it. They do not have any voice in development projects planned for their neighborhoods.

Proposition 1 would change this. Not only would neighborhoods be informed about proposed developments before the 11th hour (which happens far too frequently), they’d also possess the authority to engage in decisions on the major development projects near their homes.

This is long overdue. Vote yes on Proposition 1.

Bernadette Vielbig


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