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Sun., Oct. 23, 2011

Liquor competition good

The ads against Proposition 1183 are misleading and, mainly, out-and-out false. If passed only two things will happen: The net price of Washington liquor will drop appreciably; and Washington state’s net tax revenue will rise appreciably. It’s as simple as that.

California’s privatized liquor sales are very similar to Prop. 1183’s. I pay from 30 percent to 50 percent less for the exact same liquor at a California Costco compared to our local prices. The difference is in the base price of the product, not the taxation. Friends return from California with their tail pipes dragging due to stockpiles in their trunk. They recognize a good deal.

Secondly, I’ll bet our area’s tax revenue surges. I cannot remember when I purchased liquor in Washington because Idaho’s lower tax makes it cheaper. Washington state should pick up all the current Idaho sales to local residents because the drop in product price will exceed the Washington-Idaho price differential. Our sales volume and tax revenue will rise.

Moral issues and imagined enforcement problems are phony issues. Less expensive liquor and better tax revenue are key. Competition’s results are miraculous.

Charlie Morris


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