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Need two-term mayor

In the past four years, Mayor Mary Verner has demonstrated her commitment to represent all of our citizens and all of Spokane’s neighborhoods equally. I don’t know how she finds the time to attend so many gatherings and community events and the energy and enthusiasm to consistently listen to all concerns and suggestions and follow through with effective action.

She has obviously not felt obligated to large campaign contributors. I’ll even bet she hasn’t signed any pledges to reduce taxes on the wealthy or to offset budget deficits solely on the backs of the working class or the poor.

Our mayor is an effective administrator who has responsibly negotiated cost savings and budget efficiencies for all of our benefit while consistently honoring the collective bargaining rights of our firefighters, police, utility workers and other dedicated public servants.

Mary’s yard signs don’t tell us if she is “nonpartisan” but her record of tireless dedication to the well-being of all of our citizens is readily apparent.

During these challenging times, Spokane clearly needs a two-term mayor that will continue to work for the benefit of us all!

Dennis Schlotfeldt



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