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SpokAnimal disappoints

I am really disappointed at SpokAnimal’s recent campaign against the regional animal shelter. It makes me wonder if SpokAnimal truly has either the animals’ or the taxpayers’ best interests in mind.

There is no question that both the existing SCRAPS county shelter and the SpokAnimal facility are in need of massive upgrades in the very near future in order to keep functioning at their current locations.

If we miss out on this opportunity to retrofit an existing building now, and if we give up on the concept of a regional shelter, we will end out paying a lot more later to keep the existing shelters from falling apart at the seams.

Please don’t let the animals become the pawns in a last-minute SpokAnimal power play. Please join me in voting “yes” on Spokane County Measure 1 for a regional animal shelter.

Chris Purrmann

Liberty Lake


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