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Stop unfair rezoning

I am writing today regarding Proposition 1, the community bill of rights that has been proposed as an amendment to the City Charter for Spokane.

The most important part of the community bill of rights addresses rezoning, a process whereby the City Council can change existing zoning rules to allow a proposed development to go forward. This happens often in the city, giving corporate developers the authority to build projects over neighborhood wishes, and which often are not consistent with neighborhood planning.

Proposition 1 would give homeowners and members of the community a clear say in any rezoning. The current system denies homeowners and communities a direct say in decisions on rezoning. It can result in lower property values for homeowners, which is a redistribution of wealth from the homeowners to the developers. This is clearly unfair to homeowners and communities, and Prop. 1 would for the first time establish a fair process.

Vote yes on Proposition 1 this November.

Chris Nerison



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