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The Slice: Enjoying the dog days of October

Yes, the sun is setting earlier.

But it could be argued that this is still the best time of the year for long walks.

Those doing so are apt to cross paths with people walking dogs. This gives some of us an opportunity to use the knowledge acquired over years of watching the Westminster Kennel Club dog show on TV.


“Why, yes. I’m impressed. Not many know the breed.”

Or …

“You can’t beat an Australian cattle dog.”

“Yes, that’s what she is all right. You know your dogs.”

And so on.

But what does one say about some of the best pets in the world?

“Mixed breed?”

Doesn’t really sound right, does it?


Nah. They’ll think you’re talking about a British cat.

Some people enjoy guessing the parentage of genetically blended dogs. But that strikes me as presumptuous.

So I suppose it’s best to just stick with the all-time classic canine compliment.

“Good dog.”

Slice answer: “For Spokane’s MVP, I nominate Rev. Happy Watkins,” wrote Janet Culbertson. “I do a lot of volunteer work and the reverend always seems to be around and involved. Plus, he is always, well, happy! He is a wonderful ambassador for Spokane.”

Localizing the opening line of “Moby-Dick”: “Call me parochial.” — Donald Schaefer

“Call me when you get to Cle Elum.” — Liz Cox

Slice answers (tree branches over a street): “Perfect canopy can be found on 14th Avenue between Bernard and Monroe,” wrote Leo McDonnell.

“For decades, the perfect tree-lined block has been on East 40th, between Garfield and Arthur,” wrote Jeff Brown.

Barbara Guthrie nominated her stretch of Manito Boulevard, where she has lived for 48 years. (No, people don’t believe what they paid for their house.)

And then there was this from Northwood resident Jeanne Kalbfleisch. “Driving down Liberty in Millwood always makes me smile, especially during the new green of spring and as the colors develop in fall.”

Today’s Slice question (finish this sentence): “I’ve lived here quite a while but I have yet to …”

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