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The Slice

By Paul Turner

Oct. 23 – Products That Would Never Sell Department: Madeleine Rush, 5, was enjoying a can of fruit juice until she asked her parents what kind it was. She immediately put the can down when she thought she heard them say “poison berry.”

She happily resumed drinking after being assured it was “boysenberry.”

Outdoors blog

By Rich Landers

Oct. 21 – Mushroom foraging conditions have been near perfect with the recent rainfall followed by cooler temperatures and sunny days, according to the Seattle Times.

“Many will flock to the forests in search of Japanese matsutake (Armillaria ponderosa) known for their unique smell and excellent table fare,” writes reporter Mark Yuasa. Other popular varieties among edible mushrooms are boletes and chanterelles.

The peak of this autumn’s foraging season appears to be a few weeks behind, but those who’ve ventured out recently are starting to see more mushrooms popping up.

Huckleberries Online

By D.F. Oliveria

Oct. 21 – Well, we’re still here, but the day isn’t over. As you may recall, evangelist/kook Harold Camping predicted that the Apocalypse would occur sometime today (after missing on a similar prediction six months ago). I wouldn’t hold my breath.

Spin Control

By Jim Camden

Oct. 19 – Gov. Chris Gregoire’s office just revealed one of the year’s most eagerly awaited announcements: what  the governor will be for Halloween.

Gregoire and her husband, Mike, traditionally don costumes and greet kids at the governor’s mansion for a couple of hours on Halloween to give out treats. (Don’t even think about tricks. The mansion’s security is provided by state troopers.)

This year, the governor will be dressed as Elmo from “Sesame Street.” Mike Gregoire will be dressed as Super Grover, which the office describes for those who are not close followers of “the Street” as Grover’s “superhero alter ego.”

Office Hours

By Tom Sowa

Oct. 18 – Spokane’s best-known, homegrown electric car, the Tango, is the featured photo on the cover of TechBriefs magazine’s October issue.

Developed by Rick Woodbury of Commuter Cars Corp., the Tango is a two-seat electric car that has wowed green consumers worldwide.


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