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The Slice: Same ‘streakers’ are probably in their 70s

Mon., Oct. 24, 2011

You might be surprised to discover who “streaked” during the ’70s heyday of public naked frolics.

Let’s move on.

True or false: Cats have already perfected teleportation technology.

Identify the songs in this list that were not hits for The Cowsills: 1. “The Needle and the Damage Done.” 2. “Rain, the Park & Other Things.” 3. “The Ghost in You.” 4. “We Can Fly.” 5. “Indian Lake.” 6. “Once in a Lifetime.” 7. “Hair.” 8. “Insane in the Membrane.”

If you’re stumped and for some reason you actually care about the answers, consult a certified baby boomer.

And if you find that you are now humming “I love the flower girl,” seek medical attention immediately.

Slice prediction: A baby born in Spokane this week will wind up being in charge of the Expo ’74 centennial festivities.

Just wondering: Can a marriage be a happy one without laughter?

Something to remember him by: “When my mother learned that her first born was taking her first grandson away (being transferred to Hawaii), she had him touch her hall mirror,” wrote Leonna Bowers. “His little hand print stayed on that mirror for years.”

Truly obscure local trivia: When he worked at a college in New England years ago, Spokane’s Bill Mahaney had a secretary who was married to the guy who would go on to form the outrageously successful rock group Boston.

Warm-up question: How many people have you met in person whose names have appeared in Sports Illustrated? Don’t forget all those “Faces in the Crowd” items over the years. That feature alone would add a couple of names to my own list.

I’ll bet John Blanchette’s would easily top 500.

And once, when he was a reporter here, novelist Jess Walter filled out a staff phone-list form in such a way as to indicate that he shared a residence with SI swimsuit superstar Elle Macpherson.

Today’s Slice question: What Spokane area church buildings will still be here in 50 years?

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