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Fri., Oct. 28, 2011

Privatize liquor business

It’s time we privatized the state’s liquor business to strengthen public safety and increase state and local revenue. By eliminating the costs of running the state liquor system and requiring businesses to pay reasonable license fees based on liquor sales, Initiative 1183 will save taxpayers money and free up new revenues for vital public services.

In fact, according to estimates by the state Office of Financial Management, I-1183 will generate more than $400 million in new revenues for state and local government services over the next six years. A portion of these new revenues is specifically dedicated to increase funding for local public safety programs statewide.

I-1183’s approach, which greatly improves upon last year’s liquor privatization measure, is a common-sense plan because it takes state government out of its current role of selling and promoting liquor, and instead mandates that it focus solely on regulating liquor sales and enforcing liquor laws.

With passage of I-1183, Washington will join 42 other states in allowing consumers to purchase liquor at qualified, licensed grocery or retail stores.

Please join me in voting “yes” on 1183.

Ed Clark


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