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FRIDAY, OCT. 28, 2011

Verner, yes; Hession, no

Remember Dennis Hession and the trash pickup controversy that surfaced in Spokane just before the last mayoral election, and how this decision was made arbitrarily without consideration of how it affected citizens? Remember that when citizens’ concerns were made known to the City Council and to the community assembly they resulted in recommendations to reconsider?

I do! I also remember that “strong” Mayor Hession said he wasn’t required to listen to those voices and would not!

I also remember that then-candidate Mary Verner listened carefully to all the citizens had to say. Though she promised nothing, we knew her decisions would include awareness of our concerns. Still, it was an election year, and such willingness to listen doesn’t always survive a successful campaign. Hers did.

Since then, Mayor Verner has continued as an inclusive and thoughtful listener – neither defensive nor hostile when confronted by citizen concerns.

Citizens do not have the right to have their point of view prevail, but they do have the right to have it be heard and considered. Given our form of government, it is crucial our representatives understand this.

Clearly Mary Verner does. Clearly Dennis Hession does not. Mayor Verner has my vote. Dennis Hession doesn’t.

Janet R. Norby


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