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Fancy yourself a quiz master? Prove it below, and try a longer, interactive online test (and a chance to win lunch for two at the Davenport Hotel) at spokesman. com/newsquiz.

1. Washington State University bestowed honorary alumnus status on

A. Meryl Streep

B. Betty White

C. Tina Fey

D. Angelina Jolie

E. Can’t fool me. None of those people has any connection to WSU.

2. Delegate selection in the GOP presidential campaign will begin

A. Jan. 3

B. Jan. 10

C. Jan. 17

D. Jan. 24

E. Can’t fool me. It’s going to start before Christmas.

3. Some 150 “superloads” are expected to travel through Spokane on Third Avenue in the coming months because

A. They’re too wide to navigate I-90 through the city

B. They won’t fit under the pedestrian bridge east of Altamont

C. The state is building a special weigh station for the superloads

D. They need fuel at a special depot the company is leasing.

E. None of the above. Everyone has to get off on Third because of all the construction work.

4. Washington state law limits campaign contributions in some elections, but not others. Which of the following offices has no limit on contributions?

A. Spokane City Council member

B. Spokane County commissioner

C. Spokane mayor

D. Spokane School Board member

E. Can’t fool me. All of those offices have contribution limits.

5. What company’s stock price has dropped more than $225 per share in the past 4  ½ months?

A. Apple


C. Bank of America

D. Newscorp

E. Netflix


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