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Patty Murray not for America

While I’m sure there are liberals who think Sen. Patty Murray is just great for our state, when it comes to our country she has never seen a spending bill or tax increase she didn’t like.

She has voted 100 percent liberal and has never supported cost reduction. She consistently voted with the Democratic majority during the last two years of the Bush administration and would not allow any legislation to pass that was good for the country or put the Republicans in a favorable light.

It seems to me I just heard President Barack Obama accuse the Republicans of the same thing. People forget that the Democrats controlled Congress the last two years of the Bush administration and are more responsible for our current economic crises than President Bush.

Why doesn’t Patty hold a town hall meeting in Spokane? Because she’s afraid to face her constituents, who disagree with her policies.

Ray Vansant

Spokane Valley


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