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The Slice: Marmots’ stock is certainly rising

Coeur d’Alene’s Nancy Haynes and a few others who have spotted certain rodents engaging in arboreal adventures confirmed that marmots can indeed climb trees.

So I consider the matter closed.

Let’s move on.

Highlights of the summer: “Attending the 75th Egg Day Festival in Winlock, Wash.,” wrote Mae Greenwood. “My mother, Joyce Senechal, was Egg Day Queen in 1938 and she was honored at this year’s festival.”

For Ken Rice, it was seeing his 89-year-old father savor a slide show on a trip to Glacier National Park (one of his favorite places) two days before passing away.

Misheard lyrics: Here’s a snippet from Cream’s 1969 song “Badge.”

Then I told you ’bout our kid, now he’s married to Mabel

Well, when Linda Hall and her friend Candi were in junior high, they thought that line ended …now he’s not a tomato.

“We knew it didn’t make any sense,” said Hall. “But what lyrics did in those days?”

Spokane’s No. 1 renewable resource: “The beautiful Spokane Falls,” wrote Chet Nelson.

Tina Piaskowski said, “Its friendly, laid-back inhabitants, followed by its highly skilled medical community and, lastly, the beautiful Spokane River.”

“Idiots,” said a couple of others.

Easy as one, two three: 1. Don Baribault up in Northport, Wash., thinks a black bear making a racket out back finally departed after experiencing an unpleasant taste when biting through a can of grill cleaner.

2. Gary and Tina Johnson in Coeur d’Alene wonder how many S-R readers know that cyclists in Idaho are not required to come to a full stop at stop signs when there is no other traffic present.

3. Several readers in different parts of Spokane refer to their immediate areas as “the ’hood.”

Today’s Slice question: What ambition do people around here most admire?

The desire to … A) Be smarter. B) Be richer. C) Be more compassionate. D) Spend less time working/more time playing. E) Be more stylish. F) Be less angry. G) Be 10 pounds lighter. H) Save money. I) Listen. J) Be a good neighbor. K) Be modest. L) Other.

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