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The North Idaho compromise

North Idaho compromise legislative district map
North Idaho compromise legislative district map

The North Idaho compromise legislative district map, L-71, developed by GOP Commissioner Lorna Finman of Rathdrum, and Democratic Commissioner Julie Kane, of Lapwai puts Boundary County and the majority of Bonner County, including the entire Clark Fork area, into District 1. District 2 contains the southernmost precincts of Bonner County plus northern parts of Kootenai County. “That’s a very similar community of interest, kind of rural small-town area,” Finman said. District 3 contains the core of Coeur d’Alene, while District 4 has mostly Post Falls and the Rathdrum area.

District 5 consists of Shoshone County and parts of Benewah, Kootenai and Latah counties, including the Moscow area, along with most of the Coeur d’Alene Reservation. District 6 pairs two rural Latah County precincts with all of Nez Perce County and part of Lewis County, and includes most of the Nez Perce reservation; while District 7 has part of Benewah County along with all of Clearwater and Idaho counties, and part of Lewis County.

The plan would mean at least four North Idaho incumbent legislators would lose their seats. Sens. Shawn Keough, R-Sandpoint, and Joyce Broadsword, R-Sagle, would end up in the same district, forcing a face-off in the GOP primary if they both want to stay in office. In the proposed new District 2, there would be three incumbent state representatives vying for two seats: Reps. Phil Hart, R-Athol; Vito Barbieri, R-Dalton Gardens; and Marge Chadderdon, R-Coeur d’Alene. In the proposed new District 5, there would be four incumbents vying for two House seats: Reps. Tom Trail, R-Moscow; Shirley Ringo, D-Moscow; Dick Harwood, R-St. Maries; and Shannon McMillan, R-Silverton.